PS Plus Free Games for March 2024 Explained

PS Plus Free Games for March 2024 Explained

Sony’s PlayStation Plus Essential Tier offerings for March are quite good overall, but for those who are unfamiliar, here’s what you need to know.

Subscribers have a bit of time left before the announcement of the PS Plus Extra and Premium Games for March 2024. However, the Essential Tier games will be added soon and it’s an exciting collection that includes some of the best games from four key genres: roguelikes, Formula One racing games, horror puzzle games, and looter shooters. In order, the PS Plus free games for March 2024 are Sifu, EA Sports F1 23, Hello Neighbor 2, and Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion.

It is worth noting that in March, PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive one more game than usual in the Essential Tier. It is unclear whether this is because March is typically a bigger month for the service or for some other reason related to the four games being offered. However, for those who are interested in claiming these March games, here is what they need to know. The games will be available for claiming from March 5 to April 2.

PS Plus – Sifu

Sifu is a martial arts game where players assume the role of a Kung Fu master who is seeking revenge or justice for their father’s death. The game has a unique roguelike structure that accompanies its beat ’em-up gameplay. Whenever the player dies, their character ages several years. This aging process increases the character’s damage output but decreases their overall health. At a certain age, death in the game becomes permanent, which encourages players to replay, learn, and master each level to keep their character as young as possible.

The opponents in the game are incredibly punishing, and mastering all the different gameplay elements is crucial. Players need to learn everything from the basics and the structure gauge to parries and the effective use of the environment. Despite its simplicity, Sifu is an engaging, fun, and challenging game. It is a great headlining game for PS Plus, standing its own alongside major titles like Destiny 2.

PS Plus – EA Sports F1 23

Codemasters is known for its realistic racing simulation games, with the F1 series being one of the best in the industry. F1 2023 is a fresh start for the franchise that brings back some popular features from past games. Despite being available on PS Plus before it’s even a year old, the game has received generally positive reviews and is a solid addition to the franchise and racing genre.

  • Story Mode: Braking Point 2
  • Overhauled driving physics
  • Options for a 35% race distance
  • Red Flags
  • Overhauled UI
  • F1 World Game Mode, including ranked, esports, offline, and online game modes.
      • Brings back the Podium Pass


PS Plus – Hello Neighbor 2

Questionable Ethics and Suspicious Houses

PS Plus Free Games for March 2024 Explained

This action-adventure game with horror and puzzle elements takes players back to the town of Raven Brooks. However, instead of playing as Nicky Roth, players assume the role of Quentin, a journalist investigating the events of the first Hello Neighbor game. In this sequel, players will need to sneak into crime scenes, search people’s houses, and look for clues to unravel the mystery. As with the first game, Hello Neighbor 2 features a large open-world sandbox filled with multiple houses, AI-driven NPCs, and other obstacles that players must navigate to avoid the creepy neighbor. While it’s recommended that players check out the first game, even those who haven’t played it before will enjoy this sequel.

PS Plus – Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Taking the Fight to Savathun

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is an expansion to the core game and requires players to have it already downloaded. The expansion includes new missions, locations, gear, a raid, and more. Players will also learn more about the Darkness by engaging with Savathun, the queen and sister of Oryx. If you’re a returning player, you may be interested in checking out this expansion and the next one, Lightfall, although it was received with mixed reviews. Everything in the game is currently building up to the release of Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion, so it’s a great time to catch up if you’re interested.

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